Training of Trainers for European Youth Projects

An international one-year long course for trainers and youth workers

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This international training course organised in the framework oft he EU-program „Youth in Action“ has been implemented every year now since 2001. The course offers an intensive further training on European level for 24 educators from different EU-countries active in out-of-school education and learning programmes.

The design of the course foresees within a year 3 residential seminars of 8 days each, an international practice training project, involvement in an online learning platform and individual mentoring.

The methodology centers around the principles of self-directed learning in the understanding of a constructivist learning didactics. The learners develop their learning path based on self-assessment along the 7 key-competences for trainers. Individual mentoring as well as peer learning are essential supporting elements in the course.

Role of Limina: Peter has been in the trainer’s team from 2002 to 2016. Next to the traditional training work he is also in the role of a learning coach or mentor facilitating the learning process of 8 participants.