Facilitating change with Theory U

a 5 stages approach for change makers, leaders, innovators

Are you looking for a way to bring about
sustainable change in organisations?

Is innovation eluding you?

Have you identified a problem
for which there seems to be no answer?

Do you need a framework that creates fresh
sustainable solutions for constantly emerging challenges?

If you have answered yes to any of these situations, then this course is for you, a one-time opportunity to experience Jane Corbett, facilitator and consultant from the UK, to learn about Theory U (2 days) followed by an applied experience in nature (2,5 days)

 23-24 September 2015, Vienna, Flexiräume

25-27 September 2015, Laab im Walde, KlosterLaab

Course Description

Theory U (also known as the U-Process) is a social technology that is designed to address complex problems, facilitate deep or profound and lasting systemic change and foster innovation. Theory U can be applied to complex challenges at the personal, organisational and societal level. It is being used by people in business, not for profit and governmental settings in many places globally.

Theory U is a five-stage process for learning from the emerging future and growing the capacity for deep innovation and collaborative action. And it’s also a set of principles that invites us to use deeper sources of knowing and insight as we move from awareness into action and design our work processes, relationships and collaborations in a different way. This course is an experiential learning journey for strengthening your capacity to lead change and innovate

Theory U suggests that in order to meet existing challenges we need a deeper learning cycle based on sensing an emerging future, rather than just past experience. What is needed is a learning process that gives us the skills to tune into future possibilities and realise them effectively.

More information about Theory U, the work of Otto Scharmer and the Presencing Institute can be found in www.presencing.com

We hope to include a live skype session with a colleague from the Presencing Institute.


Reasons to attend this course

In this two module course you will:

  • Learn about practical and easy-to-use frameworks, methods and tools for facilitating and leading profound change in personal, team, organizational or multi-sectoral contexts.
  • Learn about how to sense and actualise one’s highest future
  • Try out practices that enable one to operate from that deeper place required of an innovator, change-maker or change-facilitator.
  • Experience the kinds of insights that arise from taking time to slow time and be close to nature.
  • Develop leadership capacities for challenging times of increasing complexity, uncertainty and systemic



a. Introductory module in Vienna: Exploration of Theory U

An exploration of Theory U, focusing on the four levels of responding to change and we will work with the five movements in the U Process: co-initiating, co-sensing, presencing, prototyping, co-evolving. Non residential.

Wednesday 23.09.2015 10:00 am – 18:00 pm
Thursday 24.09.20159:00 am – 17:00 pm

Flexiräume, Krakauer Str. 19, 1020 Vienna
Flexiräume is a space co-managed by the families resident in the co-living space “Wohn-am-Park”, and it is based on the principle of Sociokratie http://www.wohnprojekt-wien.at

b. Practice module in Laab im Walde: Experiencing Theory U

An experience of Theory U, residential in the outskirt of Vienna, going deeper with practicing generative listening, dialogue, journaling and presencing practices – including mindfulness and the power of nature in solo sensory journeys. Through presencing we will work with our structure of attention and stillness to reach a deeper place of knowing and crystallize insights which we can take forward to prototyping in our own live contexts.

Friday 25.09.2015 14:00 pm until
Sunday 27.09.2015at 13:00 pm

Kloster Laab im Walde, Klostergasse 7-9, 2381 Laab im Walde
An old Monastery, close to Vienna and still immersed in a beautiful nature and very calm surrounding. http://www.bhs-laab.at/Kloster_1.shtml


Course facilitators

Jane Corbett facilitates leadership, innovation, sustainability and multi- stakeholder programs in many countries internationally through the Generative Leadership Centre and at the Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford and in many countries internationally. She is a member of the Global Presencing Community and the Authentic Leadership in Action Institute (ALIA) and an Associate of Future Considerations. She has a special interest in the power of immersing ourselves deeply in nature, collective intelligence and the transition to an eco-economy in her work with Theory U. See www.generativeleadership.co.uk

Paola Bortini has over 15 years experience of working worldwide with international NGOs and European institutions in capacity building and leadership development. She is a member of the Global Presencing Community and a founder of the Vienna ULab. She practices Coach Approach, AromaTouch and Mindfulness. See www.alp-network.org and www.limina.at/paola