Coaching is an inquiry process aiming at identifying the roots of the situation you are in and in which you would not like to be or that you would like to look differently.

The Emotions Mentor Coach model invites to identify the emotions underlying your choices and decision making processes, as well how the emotions you feel can boycott or guide you through life.

The Emotions Mentor coaching process explores a situations from the emotional point of view and it helps to understand the dynamics that have brought you in the situation. With my guidance, it provides you with new perspectives to look at the current situation and to identify solutions that are compatible with the energies that you can activate and that you can devote to the necessary changes to put in place.

Getting ready for an Emotions Mentor coaching session

Take time for yourself to focus on the following questions:

  • Focus on the WHAT
    What is the situation you would like to explore or face with the Emotions Mentor Coaching?Describe it with details
  • Focus of the TIMEFRAME
    Is the situation you have identified new for you? Or it is a recurrent one, that is present already for some time? Since when are you aware of it?

The coaching session will start with these 2 questions and from there we will follow the paths that will emerge.

It is an intense process that will last around 45 minutes with moment of reflection and silence if needed. At the end we will make a brief evaluation of the process and identify the next possible elegant steps.

Remember to have at hand notebook, pen, a glass of water and maybe some paper tissue, just in case. ❣️


The Emotions Mentor coaching has been developed by Rebecca Lintze, internationally renown psycologist, specialised in family relations and in the healing power of essential oils.