Saturday, 15th of February 2020 – 10 am to 6 pm.

beautiful location, in the center of Vienna, Austria

Join us on a day journey of exploring, experiencing and discovering the life and the beauty within you, as well as your limiting sets of beliefs and blocked emotions in order to become more YOUrself and to live your fullest potential!

Get equipped with future strategies and tools to apply in your everyday life to become and manifest the happiest and shiniest version of yourself!

Through practices from mental training, mindful self compassion and body work in combination with essential oils you will release what is stagnant in you, in order to get to what you fully want to become, manifest and do in your life!


With this day of transformative power you will:

  • have new options and tools for your personal well-being,
  • get to know the power of essential oils, mental & mindfulness work
  • work with your body, mind & soul
  • enjoy a day of self-reflection & empowerment
  • establish a new connection to yourself & enjoy inner harmony

Details & Registration

Course language: English & German (if needed!)

Price: EUR 190

Led by: Paola Bortini & Sabine Klocker