It was a five-days seminar for parents from different European countries focusing on their role as facilitator of learning of their children. It was held in Judenburg, Austria end of April 2013.

Learning to Learn is one of the 8 key-competences for life-long learning identified by the European Union. It is essential for the participation in society as well as the professional and personal development.

Not only the school but also the family environment has a great impact on the behaviour and attitudes of the children as learners. Parents can support the learning of their children but also block it when own – not reflected – experiences back from school are being projected onto the own children. There are many offers for educators to deal with the competence learning to learn but very little for parents.

We wanted to offer therefore a space to reflect about the own role as facilitator of learning (and not only in relation to school homework!), exchange with other parents and update on knowledge around the topic learning to learn.

Role of Limina: Peter and Paola initiated this seminar, designed and facilitated it together with Wilfried Hackl from EDUCON.