This European project brought together a group of trainers, facilitators and educators specialising in non-formal education methods with diverse backgrounds, a few of which include community leadership, activism and research. We represent seven organisations from six European countries. There is a great variety of skill and experience in our team that is enriched through many theoretical inspirations.

What unites us is a common vision for a better world, a sustainable future where
humanity can thrive in harmony with all Life. We believe that a transition to such
a future is possible and that an inner transformation is a key component.

Our individual journeys have been shaped and guided by practices, tools and
experiences that we share with you within the Inner Pathways project. Such have
become our anchors and passions, often leading to significant lifestyle changes
or support for concrete actions towards a more regenerative future.

We put together our vision in the Inner Pathways Manifesto!

The Inner Pathways products

The Story Book – Stories of personal shift and mindful living on this planet

The book contains stories of our own inner pathways: the practices, tools and experiences that shaped us and guided us on our individual journeys. They have become our anchors and passions, often leading to significant lifestyle changes or supporting concrete actions towards a sustainable future.
At the back, you will find a list of references for further reading, if you wished to familiarise yourself in more depth with a particular method or theory.

The Guide for Facilitators – Design and implementation in the field of education for sustainability

Our Guide to support trainers, facilitators and educators with a collection of teaching methodologies, activities and processes along with a detailed facilitation guide for designing educational activities.

This guide weaves together experiential learning activities on planetary well-being and inner ecology, connecting our human body with our larger body, the Earth, including body-based learning methods and structured outdoor activities. It also deals with developing the capacity to be fully present in social interaction, generative listening, cultivating mindful communication.

The connection to nature allows shifts of attitudes and behavioural patterns both on a personal level and on the level of a group, a community life and we give special attention to all these dimensions in this guide.

The Inner Pathways Podcasts – Inspiration for your journey towards a regenerative lifestyle – and beyond

This series of podcasts is a joyful collection of practices, stories and reflections carefully and lovingly put together to accompany you along your inner journey towards a regenerative lifestyle.

Through these practices, we invite you to explore your relationship with life and your inner source of action and to respond to the current state of the world with peaceful, resilient, creative and meaningful acts and attitudes.

Every Thursday we publish a new episode where you can find stories, visualisations, interviews, nature connection activities, meditations and many more practices to nourish your body and your soul.

The Inner Pathways Study – You can only give what you have

A study on regenerative practices and culture in social and environmental activism. Based on the phenomenological research conducted within the Inner Pathways toward Sustainability project.


Facts and Figures about the project

The project was a cooperation between LIMINA OG and Pandora (Hungary), Ecoservice (Hungary), Casa del Cuculo (Italy), the ASHA Foundation (UK), Zala Briviba (Latvia) and Čia Čekija (Czech Republic). It ran from September 2018 – November 2020.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.