Limina supports people and organisations to learn in and from phases of transition. We design learning spaces and experiences to allow for new perspectives, pathways and opportunities to act. Depending on the need and the context we are in different roles: Facilitator of learning, Trainer, (Learning-)Coach, Moderator, Conference designer of large group events, Process consultant, Speaker, Writer.

Limina unterstützt Menschen wie Organisationen in Phasen von Veränderung zu lernen. Wir designen Lern- und Erfahrungsräume um neue Sichtweisen, Wege und Handlungsoptionen zu ermöglichen. Unsere Rollen sind dabei je nach Bedarf und Kontext: Lern-FacilitatorIn, TrainerIn, (Lern-)Coach, ModeratorIn, KonferenzdesignerIn (Grossgruppen), ProzessbegleiterIn, Vortragende/r, AutorIn.

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I have learnt – I am learning – My child is learning. International seminar for parents

10 April 2013 It was a five-days seminar for parents from different European countries focusing on their role as facilitator of learning of their children. It was held in Judenburg, Austria end of April 2013. Learning to Learn... Weiterlesen...
Peter Hofmann Paola Bortini