Biographical facts

  • Born in Salzburg, 17.8.1968
  • Married, 2 children (*2004 und 2005)
  • Currently living in Vienna.

Education and Training

Since the Master in History and Political Science at the University of Vienna (1995) following courses and trainings:

  • Training for Trainers  (1999/2000).
  • Systemic Pedagogy (2002/03).
  • Open Space Technology (2004)
  • Solution-oriented Coaching (2010/11).
  • Diploma as adult educator with the focus on training / group facilitation and  teaching (2010/11).
  • Design Thinking (2011).
  • Learning Coach (2011/12).


Member of international teams of experts for the development of competence profiles for training trainers for the Council of Europe and the European Commission.

Training and Facilitation work for:  Council of Europe, European Commission, United Nations Alliance of Civilzations, SALTO-Youth Resource Centers, Greenpeace, WWF CEE, Intercultural Center, German Office Youth for Europe, INJEP France, National Agency Youth for Europe Bulgaria, JINT, British Council.

Member of the design team:  Aha-Konferenz für WegbereiterInnen einer neuen Lernkultur (

Lektor at the University of Innsbruck (Institute for educational science), College of the BFI (Banking and Financial Science), Pädagogische Hochschule Steiermark.

Fields of Work

  • Facilitating of learning and development processes
  • Development of the learning to learn competence
  • Innovative und participative learning designs
  • Development of change competences
  • Training of teachers and trainers

My resources


  • My passion for learning as driver for change and development
  • My openness for the New and the Other
  • My readiness to engage and co-create


  • My family
  • My periods living abroad
  • My languages
  • My networks and teams


  • My systemic view
  • My focusing on the potential and resources of people
  • My communication skills
  • My creativity