Global Forum

Global forumOnly few weeks to go before the Global Forum „From Ego- to Eco-System Economies: Creating Well-being for All“ will take place in Boston (USA) on the 11-12 February 2014.
The Global Forum will focus on global transformation and it will showcase living examples and initiatives that generate profound change by shifting awareness from „Ego to Eco“. The intention is to connect change makers across systems, sectors, and cultures in order to co-create a society that generates sustainability and well-being for all.
The event is a combination of key note speakers (plenary sessions) and Labs (small working groups).
Paola Bortini, Anita Frank and Rosa Strasser  will host the Global Forum in Vienna in cooperation with the Presencing Institute and with the support of SOL Austria.
It is an opportunity of moving between ‘big picture’ engagement (plenary broadcast from Boston) and ‘deep dive’ explorative breakaway sessions or Labs which will focus on areas of profound innovation and system transformation, this opportunity is for you.
The Global Forum in Boston and the Global Forum in Vienna will take place simultaneously.
Because of the timezone difference (+6) the PROGRAMME of the 2 days in Vienna will be:

Tuesday 11 February 2014

13:00 Welcome with snacks
14:3Opening: Framing, Check-in, The Social Divide
16:30 Break
17:00 Stories from the Field (broadcasted)

19:00 Dinner
20:15 Labs (local activity)
22:45 Tentative end of our working day
Wednesday 12 February 2014
14:00 Check-in
 and Pop-up sharing
15:10 Panel: Sparks of the Future
16:30 Break
17:00 Presencing Practice
 (maybe broadcasted)
from now on the sessions are local (no broadcast envisaged)
18:20 Sensing and Finding the Fields of Connection
17:50 Prototyping & Working Dinner/Snacks
20:15 Harvesting in Plenary
21:30 Break
21:45 Personal Integration: Reflections
22:10 The Journey Ahead
22:30 Closing